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New health vision


New Barwon Health CEO Professor Belinda Moyes stepped into the spotlight for the launch of the Barwon regional tour of the Reel Health International Short Film Festival held at the Geelong Performing Arts Centre on 4 August.

Professor Moyes reflected on the place of capturing the human experience through art in health to counter the effects of the ‘busyness’ factor of an ‘in-and-out’ model of the modern health system.

Professor Belinda Moyes is well place to comment on the role of arts in health as the former CEO of Southern Adelaide Local Health Network, which encompasses Flinders Medical Centre.

According to Professor Moyes, Flinders is recognised as a benchmark in the health industry for the innovation of arts in health.

Professor Moyes shared personal reflections of nursing in her early career, 40 years ago, enjoying time for ‘genuine conversations’ with patients.

As the environment has gotten ‘busier’ often it is this very aspect which suffers, according to Professor Moyes. Patients travel through the system quickly and it is the patient/practitioner relationship which can suffer.

Within the current health context, Professor Moyes discussed ‘connectivity’ and the patient journey in health, the expectations of both practitioners and patients, partnerships between different health organisations and working with the broader community on lifestyle issues to combat the burden of disease.

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