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Community spirit

Community tree planting
Community tree planting

Sunshine, seedlings and sausages may seem like an usual combination but mix these parts together— with a dash of community spirit—and you have the recipe for the successful 10th annual community tree planting day at Lagoon Reserve, Port Melbourne on Sunday May 27, 2017.


Bubbles and bunting added to the party festivities instead of balloons, to reduce the environmental impact of balloons on sea life. A ‘birthday’ cake was shared to mark the milestone of 10 years of plantings and community spirit.

Community connections

Community stakeholders City of Port Phillip and St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Cooperative (SKINC) collaborated with local residents to plant 700 native seedlings, with support from Bubup Womindjeka Family and Children’s Centre and SHIP Social Health and Inclusion Port auspiced by Star Health (formerly Inner South Community Health).

Going green

The subtle green transformation of the park can be tracked through council plans and the private collections of photos snapped by neighbours across the years.

Sometimes, there are elements that are not as easily able to me measured. The simple joy of getting your hands dirty as you plant a seedling and the sense of camaraderie as volunteers gather together to connect and create change are difficult to measure.

Community spirit

The enduring community spirit of local resident Alice Turnbull—Port Melbourne’s own tree planting lady— has quietly brought together neighbours, dog-walkers, members of the community and stakeholders for 10 years to organise and promote the annual tree planting day.

The often overused phrase ‘rain, hail or shine’ describes not just our Melbourne Autumn weather patterns but Alice’s quiet resolve to create a greener and more connected community.

Thank you Alice and the team of volunteers who arrived Saturday morning with gardening gloves and resolve to plant the seeds for a stronger community.

Team effort

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