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Snags, sauce and social inclusion

Enjoy a Mother's Day high tea in Herne Hill, Geelong on 11 May
Enjoy a Mother's Day high tea in Herne Hill, Geelong on 11 May



Signing up for a couple of hours over a weekend to cook and serve snags to the hungry masses – or simply a few passers’ by – is an opportunity to connect locally.

The Port Melbourne Toy Library committee ran the not-for-profit organisations’ biggest fundraiser for the year with the support of members on the first weekend of winter which not surprisingly was cold and wet.

There is nothing quite like the inviting smell of a BBQ on a wintry day – hence it was a well supported event for those that braved the inclement conditions.

Set up in the car park near the entrance to the shop, the Bunnings BBQ provides an opportunity to add to the coffers for different sporting and community organisations.

Each weekend day a different community organisation dons the honorary uniform of tongs, apron and food handling gloves to dispense snags and social inclusion.

The BBQ becomes part of the weekend ritual of home renovations for some while others drop in while walking the dogs or after sport.

For the little boy who ordered bread and sauce without the sausage—I wonder if he was onto something. Is he part of the next generation of health-conscious eaters? Will the day arrive when we serve salad sandwiches to go? Maybe as a side but I doubt the snag will disappear completely.

At the end of the shift, the volunteers all dug into their wallets and ordered a snag. Not quite a nourishing diet but food for the soul when served with a side of social inclusion.

For more information about Port Melbourne Toy Library visit the facebook page @PMToyLibrary or email

For more information check out Bunnings Community BBQ .

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