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Rain doesn’t dampen enthusiasm

Community connection: Bubup Womindjeka Family and Children's Centre Open Day coincides with community tree planting day. Photo by David Sinclair.

Port Melbourne neighbours and families from across the City of Port Phillip converged on Lagoon Reserve for the ninth annual community tree planting day on May 28.

The colourful team sported a strong sense of community spirit with an assortment of gumboots, raincoats and beanies to ward off the cold, wet weather.

The community tree planting day was run in conjunction with the Open Day for Bubup Womindjeka Family and Children’s Centre, which adjoins Lagoon Reserve.

Organiser Alice Turnbull inspired enthusiasm and community support for the event complemented by resources and expertise from Port Phillip City Council and SKINC (St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Cooperative).

Many hands make light work. Photo by David Sinclair.
Many hands make light work. Photo by David Sinclair.

2 thoughts on “Rain doesn’t dampen enthusiasm”

  1. Thank You, Amanda for all your support and active assistance.
    Our hands might have been cold, our knees muddy and our hair wet,
    but participants shared a warm spirit of companionable purpose and
    achievement. That, as well as the hundreds of local grasses, ground-
    covers and shrubs we planted, made Lagoon Reserve’s 9th Annual a success.

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